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Saturday, 17 September 2016

CEO Unit status

Today i dropby CEO unit to talk to the tenant.
Upstair unit is nicely done

DIY servicing Refrigerator

Today I am going to show DIY servicing Refrigerator. Purpose:
1. Use less electricity
2. Silent operation
3. Cooler
4. Last longer, like new.

Items required:
1. Aircond coil cleaner(spray)
2. Tufoil (Engine Treatment used in Car)
About Tufoil:
- Product by Fluoramics, Inc. Founded in 1966.
- World most efficient lubricant - Official Guiness World Record!
- Using PTFE as lubricant, same as TEFLON non stock wok.

Step 1: Open up the fridge
Step 2: spray aircond cleaner to the cooling coil
Step 3: Wait for bubbles to expand and dislodge the dust
Step 4: Dismantle motor
Step 5: Apply Tufoil on all the metal moving parts.
Step 6. Assemble back everything and switch