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Friday, 30 January 2015

Why cannot control Alpha 3 blade ceiling fan speed?

I have been using 3 blade Alpha ceiling fan for the past 2 years. There are 2 units failed to control the fan speed from regulator. At that time still under warranty and just give a ring to the service centre. They came and fix the problem.

However, there is a unit recently have the same symptom again which the speed cannot be regulated. This unit no longer under warranty and I have to find a way to fix it now.

I went up and check the capacitor model number. Look at picture below which circle in the RED. I went to the electronic shop and look for it. However, the spec slighlty differ but still can be used.
The part cost me $5.50.

Replaced the new capacitor and the fan now back to normal. 

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Furniture move in to Park View unit

After engaging the furniture guy and told him my preference, he went on to prepare my furniture.
I have paid 30% of my deposit first and remaining payable upon delivery.

Since I was tied up with my family matters, I only pass the key to him and let him handle the delivery and installation for me without my present.

After installations done, he sent me below picture.
Basically theme chosen is Dark colour.

Selecting Furniture for Park View Rental unit

Sourcing furniture is a headache part and not an easy tasks. The reasons are due to 2 factors:
a) Cost
b) Quality

I have been running and checking around few furniture shop to compare the price and quality. For cheap furniture, quality is real poor. For good quality furniture, the price is awesome.
I was referred by a friend that there is a freelance furniture guy can give good quality and reasonable pricing.

Below are the sample catalgue given. The colour basically 2 choices, either dark or bright.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Moving into 2015?

As I write this, the price of oil has fallen so much that it is even cheaper than water. As of 1st Jan, the price of Ron 95 petrol was adjusted to RM1.91 per litre and it costs RM2 to buy a litre of mineral water.
Unfortunately, the price of our favourite food nasi lemak,laksa and teh tarik remains unchanged.
Coming in April 2015, Malaysia will implement the 6% GST despite a weak economy.
Falling oil price, rising household debt and rising inflation … the only thing not rising in and stagnant is our income.
It does look like the rich will get richer and the middle class will suffer the most and most Malaysians will become poorer.
What can we do about it?
Well, financial literacy is important to ensure that we invest wisely and grow our hard-earned money. One investment vehicle I find that is able to hedge against inflation is property. Not only does it offer capital appreciation, it is also able to provide monthly cashflow.

Pantai Jerejak Landed house

One of my close friend saying that his relative is asking him to buy into the landed property at Pantai Jerejak.
There is very little information provided by him and I do not do much research there. This is because the price quantum is too high for me.

As such for the advice and strategy, below is my assumption:

Market Price is $1.1m (Bank valuation)
Rental $1700

Buying Strategy:
Target buying price=$900K which is 20% below market price

With 90% loan,bank will loan you $990K
Ur mortgage is $5.2K with 30 years @ 4.85% interest rate.

Exit strategy 1: Sell at $1.1, you may calculate your own profit
Exit strategy 2: Own stay and Sell only at the higher profit say 5 years later.

Impact of slower property growth

A reader from KL sent me an email to ask my opinion on the current property market.
The e-mail correspond as below

Hye. It's been awhile.
I have read an article about malaysian economy‎ recently. What is the impact on property in this coming years.
What do u think? Have u attend any seminar about this? Pls find below link.

My Reply to the Mr C as below:

My view the Impact to the property will be as follows:
1) More sellers in the market
2) More bargains can be found in the market
3) More freebies to be given out by the developer
All in all, it will be buyers market.

So what do we do?
a) We have to work harder to source for good deal, what is good deal?
i) Below market price at least 20% to 30%
ii) Positive cash flow

Above are the main criteria for now.
For example, if you buy at RM200K, with positive cashflow say RM100 per month.
Does it matter if the property price drop to RM150K? What is the impact to you?
What if the value of the property value drop to 0, but your property still give u positive cash flow?
Is there any impact to you?

We have to act differently from the market, people will keep given all negative report on economy, housing etc.

We have to read and take it as reference and MUST KNOW WHAT ARE WE DOING.
If we just stay sideline and follow the majority, there is no help for us as well.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Park View reno update

Yesterday got a call from lawyer mentioned that the completion of the Park View is just a day away.
I was relief as this is the longest transaction I ever experience. We signed the S&P in June 2014 and only will be complete in 5 Jan 2015. It is exactly 6 months.
The main reason is due to the seller is using goverment loan.

I went to check out the renovation progress:

Kitchen bottom seem to be up, pending for the wooden door.
 All old lightings taken down and will be replaced with new one. The old type seem tough to be maintained.
 Master room painting done.
The painter is painting the dry yard grille. It is a high risk task indeed.