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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Renovation Quotation for Desa Permai Indah

Source for several quotation from different contractors.
Below are the quotation provided

1st Quotation from

2nd Quotation from
 3rd Quotation from my usual contractor:
4th Quotation from furniture only:

5th Quotation from as well as below:

Painting = $2750
4 aircond points & 1 heater points (non conceal) = $1250
Repair living room aluminium door = $260
Hanging Cabinet & Kitchen top door with colour glass = $8520
Redo cement kitchen top c/w 2" polish tiles = $2680

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Viewing Desa Permai Indah Block M Level 11-7

This is asking for RM400K

Viewing of Desa Permai Indah Block N Level 5

Suppose to view this unit as well in the morning, however, the agent took the wrong key and not able to view on the spot.
Agent ask me to wait for 30 mins which I cannot afford to wait.

Below are the photo send by the agent to me after she got the key to the unit.

Viewing of Desa Permai Indah Block N Level 3

Only managed to view physically this unit.
Overall seem to be good. Move in conditions.
Just that it is at lower floor.

 Slight concern on the common bathroom

Viewing of Desa Permai Indah Block Q Level 7 with 2 carpark

Since I am at the Desa Permai Indah and jsut arrange a few unit for viewing.
This is at Block Q Level 7 with 2 carparks.

I cannot view it as the owner is not free.
Asking price is RM400K

Take back rental unit at Desa Permai Indah

Bought this unit in 2010 and continue the tenancy since then.
Rental increased from RM650 per month till RM800 per month.
Tenant decide to move out at the end of this month.

Went there to view the condition before end of the month.
Below are the overview of the units.

Do a quick check on the highest rental at the area.
The highest with fully renovation and full furnish can fetch up till RM1200.

Seem like need to do a serious renovation. Went to to find a suitable quotation and will meet 2 of them tomorrow morning.