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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Calling TNB to replaced TNB Fuse burnt (Melted)

Yesterday and today, my house light has some flickering issue. 
I am not sure what is the problem.

Also when I bathe and turn ON the heater, it seem that intermittent ON and OFF.

I still not able to figure out what is the problem with my house electricity.

In the afternoon, when my sons are back from the Church Camp, both of them went to their room to rest, and turn ON 2 airconds.

I supposed to go out to fix my car speaker issued. There is a burning smell at my car pouch area. When looked at the electricity meter, there is smoke coming out from the fuse. The fuse is melted.
Without much hesistation, i went to turn off both aircond.

I called to the TNB hotline , 15454 to report my case at 1600. THe officer told me that technician will arrived in an hour time.

35 mins later, technician came and replaced the fuse for me.

Burnt fuse/melted fuse.

Below is the replacement part information.