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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Park View rental unit before renovation photo

Below are the few photo taken before renovation start
Common bathroom, not sure why it become so dirty. So much different during 1st viewing 5 months ago.
 2nd bedroom
Mmaster bedroom, the furniture will be removed.
 Master bathroom

 Dry yard
 Living hall

Applying PBA and TNB on behalf of Owner

After getting the key for our first rental unit at Park view,I went to apply for the PBA (Perbadanan Bekalan Air) and TNB (Tenaga Nasional Berhad) for our unit.

Since our proxy is not coming, before I went to the PBA and TNB, I already ask my Proxy prepared an Authorization letter and photocopy of his NRIC. I will be applying on behalf.

First stop is going to the PBA near the Jetty. The address is as follow:
Taman Selat
No 77 Taman Selat,Jalan Bagan Luar
12000 Butterworth,Pulau Pinang

The moment I step into the PBA office, there is a middle age man arguing with two officer about his application.
They talked so loud until the whole office can hear them. If I heard correctly, PBA officer told him that his house meter is belong to new owner.
Someone has sold his house away and the water meter ownership has changed. He seem puzzled and not agreed. The PBA officer show them the SPA document etc.
Then the man start to call anyone he can help.

I only waited for less than 5 minutes and call for my turn.
I submitted the pre-prepare documents:

1) Photocopy of SNP
2) Authorization letter
3) Owner NRIC
4) RM10 stamp duty

I did not photocopy of my own NRIC, she help me to do it.
The officer required me to sign 3 more forms which is on behalf.

The account will be issued under the PROXY name.

Total PBA application cost:
Since the current owner is not terminate yet. So I need to pay RM10 for the stamp duty.
The deposit is RM70.

Stamp Duty:RM10
Deposit: RM70 (Will be refunded to owner by cheque upon termination in future)

At this moment, the middle-aged man wife call and talked to the officer to clarify the confusion caused.
The havoc arise due to the wrong address given, the man seem relief after knowing his house is not sold to others without his knowledge.
The PBA officer told me that the problem of having too many houses and mixed up with the address.

This is first time I do on behalf on the Proxy.Overall the process quite smooth.

The next stop will be the TNB at Seberang Jaya.
The address is as follow:
Kedai Tenaga
Jalan Tenaga Seberang Jaya,
13700, Prai, Pulau Pinang

I queue to get my ticket for the transaction. I told the officer that I am applying the TNB on behalf of the owner. After giving the property details, the officer mentioned that I cannot do it today because the current owner not yet terminate his account.

Her advice is as follow:

Scenario 1:
1.0) Fill up the cancellation form by the owner and sign
1.1) Bring the form together with his Photocopy NRIC
2.0) The new owner also need to fill up the form and signed
2.1) Bring the form together with new owner Photocopy NRIC

3.) A copy of SNP

Scenario 2:
1) If cannot locate the current owner, can inform TNB for new application
2) TNB will give the new owner 2 weeks period, if the current owner no response, the new owner application will be approved.
3) Of course the following documents still required:

  • The new owner also need to fill up the form and signed
  • Bring the form together with new owner Photocopy NRIC
  • A copy of SNP
A day ended with only 1 mission accomplished.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Seri Tamarin at Tanjong Tokong

Some day last week, I got an email with title :"Tanjung Tokong property at around RM 650 Psf !!" sitting inside my mailbox.

Of course I am fully which organization sending me this e-mail.
Form the title it sound really attractive, wish that i would get a unit there. For the past years,I keep looking at that area and not able to afford one till today.
That area would be cost around at least RM750 psf and above, it can go as high as RM1000 psf which is on par with KL and JB Iskandar.
Below is the sales pitch from the email.

Would it be possibly the best investment you ever made if you can get a piece of this luxury property in Tanjong Tokong, Penang at around RM650 psf when all around you everyone is paying above a thousand ringgit per square feet (psf)?

What's the catch you will ask? Yes...there is. We bought it bulk (only a few) and we can only hold it till 30th November. Therefore the Catch is you must decide fast.

And... You must be a member. If you are not, you must at least be my friend, which you probably are since you are one of the few who got this message. But you still must become a member.

Here are 7 reasons why you don't want to miss one of three presentations we are arranging this next two weeks.

Average price for all property in Tanjong Tokong is over a million ringgit. This one is at ONLY RM650k!
Average price per square feet (psf) in this area is RM1000-RM1500. This one is around RM650 psf.
Developer is well known...really really well known!
This area is well developed and in high demand. Top three areas where all Penangites want to own a property.
All islands in the world where Chinese is majority whether it is Hong Kong or Singapore has one in common..... Property price goes up up up......this one will go up too.
Walking distance to a MAJOR hyper mart.
15 mins walking to a nationwide College.

I am not a member of this club yet. So in order not to waste time, I did not go.
My friend went for the presentation and below is his sharing.

Based on the information given above, it only covered the financial part. Required to dropby developer office to understand more.

Will follow u once got more information.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Malaysia 2015 Personal Tax rate table

Refer to below on the 2015 personal tax rate table.

Source form Personal Money Nov'14 Issue

Shoplot at Taman Sri Nibong

Today weather is beautiful with clear sky. Since last month gathering from the PIA, there is one member sharing on the Shoplot at Taman Sri Nibong, only today I have time to go for the site visit.

Below are the few picture taken during my site visit.

Big huge car park in the middle of the shoplot.
Even is on Sunday, the car park looks quite occupy.

At the moment, did not have further information as did not ask for any viewing.

Preliminary check below are the initial asking price.
Ground floor ~ $1.28M
2nd Floor ~ $300k

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Permas City Details layout and Pricing

I get more information from the developer after the first enquiries.
Highlight Red and Green as Available Unit
  • Red as International Lot
  • Green as Bumi lot

B-55L = RM1,900,000

A-36G, A-25G, A-24G = RM2,100,000

A-04B, A-05B, A-12B, A-13B, A-14B, A-16B, A-19B = RM2,600,000

B-55L = 22 x 70, 4620 SQFT (without lift), 3 Storey Shop

A-36G, A-25G, A-24G = 22 x 118 / 22 x60, 5103 SQFT (without Lift), 3 Storey Shop

A-04B, A-05B, A-12B, A-13B, A-14B, A-16B, A-19B = 20 x 70, 5465 SQFT (Share Lift), 3 Story Shop with Mezzanine Floor

For Unit A-04B, A-05B, A-12B, A-13B, A-14B, A-16B, A-19B the Upper Ground unit will have a 6 meter high celling.

Parking Lot = 600 in Multi-storey and Open-air Car Parks
Title = Strata, each story have a title
Tenure = Freehold

Discount for Customer = 18% on Intermediate lot, Free SPA Legal Fee Only for All Available Unit, Free 6 Months maintenance fee

Completion date according from our Progressive Schedule is estimated around OCT 2015

We are using semi-mall concept for this Phase 2 project. For Block C Upper Ground have a walk way can access to each unit of the shop lot. The Lower Ground will be a Food Bazaar, Level Upper Ground to Level 4 (5 multiple Storey) Car Park. Level 5 will be a Banquet Hall (130 Table), Level 6 will be an Open Bar. Total 8 Storey  

 Air-Conditioned Food Bazaar Permas City Food Bazaar is endorsed and supported by Malaysian Government KPDNKK (Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism), under the 12 National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs) as one of the Entry Point Projects (EPP5 Makan Bazaar). Permas City is deeply honoured by the support of the Minister of MDTCC, Menteri KPDNKK, YB Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri Bin Yaakob

7-Storey Boutique Hotel. A new way of Boutique living basked in homely warmth, where modern comforts, business connectivity and attentive service.

For future development in Phase 3, we will build a service apartment which is around 800 unit with shopping mall.

After that there is a Proposal for Hotel rated as 4 to 5 Star, and there is an International wholesale center

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

New launch值得买吗?

  • 买二手产业手续麻烦,买不到理想的单位,左看右看,都买不到一间好的单位。
  • 加上买二手要出多首期,买一间$450间的单位,首期+律师费+印花税起码要负55千到65千左右,还没加装修费,买家私费用等等,起码都要给多$40-$50千左右做装修和买家私。
  • 但是买New Launch就不一样,只是付$10千左右就可以买到一间,然后买家私装修40-50千,都是付了$50-$60千左右罢了,最少都省50千。
  • 加上买1000sqft以上的单位,有包两车位,可遇不可求的新楼盘。
  • 大多数免律师费。
  • 买产业一定是以本小利大的概念来购买,不要用太多的本钱购买,把自己弄得太负担
  • 要旧一点,但是要买贵很多,加上给多50千的首期,值得吗?为什么不选择买好一点,买新的产业,可以省回50千的首期呢?
  • 通常有几个阶段或不同的发展期,下一期就会起价,买一样的东西,给贵了,也是不值得。



Done a preliminary check on the Puchong,cyberjaya and USJ condo price as below table

I almost fainted?

Today when chatting with my friend on the Johor Bahru Vs Penang property, suddenly my friend comment almost caused me fainted. And seriously, I advice her to go and study into details about the property investment. Otherwise, it is really risky if you do not know what are you doing. She told me that for last year alone, she bought in a shoplot ($1.4m), a condo ($650K) and a SOHO ($?). All new launches.

Below are the conversation that stunned me.

Friend: Is your property rent out in Penang?
Friend: How much is the rental?
Me: $2000 per month
Friend: How many rooms?
Me: 3 rooms
Friend:In JB, 2 rooms already can fetch $2000/month

At this point of time, I am speechless. Anyone get the point or get to know what is the problems here?

I seriously told her that need to understand well how to invest wisely and not based on emotion,sales pitch,  marketing material etc. I advice her to attend some good seminar if possible.

Commit more than $2 million is a no joke although is earning Singapore dollar.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Free Financial workshop at BM

I received a whatapps message regarding Free Financial workshop going to held in Bukit Mertajam on Saturday 1 Nov 2014 2pm - 5pm. This is conducted by Strategic Alliance Consultation by KC Chong.

I check my schedule, I should be free at that time after picking up my wife from airport.

I register the workshop on 1 Nov morning.
There are total of 4 session as below:

Module 1: 1 Nov 2014,2pm-5pm
Module 2: 8 Nov 2014,2pm-5pm
Module 3: 22 Nov 2014,2pm-5pm
Module 4: 29 Nov 2014,2pm-5pm

I could only attend the 1 Nov and the rest could not attend. Most probably can make it on 22 Nov. This has to pending my another schedule.

Okay, what do I learn on the module 1?

Module 1: Building a Strong Financial Foundation

3 types of academic we got:
  • Academic education
  • Professional education
  • Financial education (Today focus)

There are plentfy of money in the world, if you want to be rich, you need to first expand your reality in order, to hold on to your share of that abundance.

Money = Wealth?
There are only TWO Purpose for us to spend money:
  • Avoid pain
  • Search for happiness
When short of money, people will
  • ask
  • borrow
  • cheat
  • steal
  • rob

Do not let money define US!

World's richest networth builder that stays humble and grounded are:
  • Warren Buffet
  • Robert Kuok
  • Mark Zuekrberg
  • Ingvar Kamprad
  • Tony Fernandez
  • Tan Sri Liew stay in Taman Desa
When someone in bankruptcy, he cannot do the following:
  • cannot get pension/equity
  • cannot practice his profession
  • cannot travel to oversea
  • cannot carry out businesss
  • cannot own any property
  • cannot open/maintain bank account
  • cannot work in any company
Losing your own money is not bad enough, you will loose the passion and  commitment to your own career or job. You will loose your trust worthiness, relationship and reputation

In current economy market, there are a lot of investment instruments/vehicles. How do we recognized it not a money game or SCAM? Below are some guidelines, the key principles are:
  • not a ZERO sum game
  • must ADD value to the society
  • long term sustainability
  • accumulating in the future
  • do not be greedy in the HIGH return
Road to Financial Freedom:


According to diagram above, John is 25 years old, he start to accumulate or building up his wealth. At that time, he need to protect his wealth also just in case if there is any unpredictable event occurred. If John executed his plan well and reach financial freedom at the age of 45 years old. What if in the process of accumulating wealth, he was hit by 3D? The accumulation wealth process can take a hit and the networth could reduced significantly, refer achieve tto Point X. The time to achieve it also could be longer than planned.

Once achieve the financial freedom, the next step is to managed it well. However, during management process, John might be hit by another 3D event and the wealth can be spent till ZERO at earlier years, that is Point Y.

If there is no 3D event arises, John will live till the desired age and still left with some networth, then it is time for how to distribute the wealth.

The whole workshop for the 4 module is covering by the above diagram.

The most important financial check:
  • Cash Flow
  • Networth
If possible, do not UTILIZE your networth on your spending. It will damage your Financial Freedom plan.

Income can come from 2 sources namely, active income and passive income. Earning rely on VALUE only. Job is for you to learn, earning is a by-product.

Upgrade life gradually as shown in the diagram below:

It simply means that, sometime we spend big amount, but gradually will not satisfied with the purchases.
We can split those purchased into smaller portion in order to create our own happiness.

Credit Card:

Credit card has successfully separated 2 emotions, Syiok (Happiness) and Pain. It is different from cash.

First information from Coastal Mah Sing

Yesterday my friend told me he received a brochure on Mah Sing The Coastal project.
He decides to drop to Mah Sing sales office at  Batu Maung to check it out.

Intial information from him after he visit to the sales office:
-Asking for $1000 per sq ft
-will has monorail nearby
-near the new financial hub

The sale agent also proposed Southbay Plaza
- $772 per sq ft
-  Seaview
- $0.30 per sqft for maintenance

-Road access to The Loft and Coastal not that good
-Imagne like Aar Vista
-All sharing one excess road to go to their respective unit
-Surrounding will have mall, Monorail, Aeon, Maybank, factory and Ikano
 As for The Coastal still has a lot of units available
The residential unit for coastal not open for sale yet. Currently only SOHO unit open for sales