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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

如何在一天赚一千万 Seminar Summary

Last night attended 2nd property seminar in the second half of 2014. Below is the Topic of sharing.
First speaker is Jeffrey Lim sharing.
His first property investment is as below:

Case Study 1:
Project name Tree Sparina and Pinnacle with DIBS

Area:1300 sqft
Purchased Price=$500/sqft
Selling at $670/sqft
Profit ~ $200K

Case Study 1:
Project name The CEO

Bought 3 units with $295K,$285K & $280K
Area:741 - 751 sqft
Purchased Price=below $400/sqft
Target Selling at $750/sqft in 5 years time
Use mark up strategy or no mark up strategy
Need to include Legal fees, stamp dty, RPGT etc
Sharing on another case study on a person dilemma "To married or to Buy house"?

Case Study 3:
John is aged 30 years old and working as Engineer in Ipoh. He plan to get married in 2 years time.
With his $45k, how to achieve both? Get married and buy a house? Below is his profile:

New landed house cost $400K
Subsale landed house cost $280K

1. Buy a landed house from subsale market at $280K
2. The property is fully renovated and in move in conditions.
3. Then mark up to $350,Loan $296K. Pull out cash $16K to pay for the legal fees,agent fees etc.
4. 2 years later,re-finance to $380K and pull out some cash again

At the end,John managed to get married with a nicely done house with no money down.
He is able to keep his saving and get money for honeymoon.

Case Study 4:
Project name:Summerton Shoplot

Bought @ $1.6 mil
Area:2 storey with 2145 sqft
No OC yet but already rent out $10K ~ $11K
Selling price can fetch at $2.6 mil

This unit initially booked by Maggie with RM20K, flipped 3 days later for $100K profit.
Who profit more? Maggie or the next buyer?

Case Study 4:
Project name:Juru Land

Bought @ $10 psqft
Area:7 acres (1 acre=43560 sqft)
Target selling price $45 psqft

What is the profit for just 2 years?
7 acres land = 7 x 43560 x $35 (Profit)
             = $10.6 mil

This is the tonight main topic how to profit $10 mil in a day. This decision need to be made in order to profit this amount.

The next speaker is Maggie Fong.
Pls read below on brief introduction i extracted from a book.

She is from Johor and married to Penang. She start working at 19 years old and bought her first property at Ipoh for $24K. It is a single storey terrace house. She sold it for $50K before coming to Penang.

Below are her some past transaction result

Transaction 1:
Project Name: 3 storey shoplot at Bayan Bay
Bought at $1.2 mil on 2011
Sell at $1.45 mil on 2012

Transaction 2:
Project Name: Shoplot at Vantage Desiran
Bought at $560k on 2012
Sell at $950K on 2013

Transaction 3:
Project Name: Taman Lip Sin
Bought at $90K on 2006
Sell at $160K on 2011

She mentioned that her investment strategy must have defined the following:

1) Timeline to hold
2) Profit target

Once hit her profit target, she will move on and do another deal.

有什么资产 可有增值能力?
有什么资产 可有生产能力?
有什么资产 可有套现能力?
有什么资产 可有贡杆能力?

-         现金流
-         资本增值

-         (1 year)
-         (1-3 year)
-         (3-5 year)

-         我有多少钱?
-         我有多少时间?
-         我选什么地区?
-         我选什么产业


-         资本再借
-         合资伙伴
-         借保险费
-         向家人借
-         提高卖价

She said that she want to buy Golden Triangle with 2300 sqft. Developer sold during launching is $670K and after 2 years it went up to $1.1m. Her sister want to sell her at this price but she did not take up. She successfully bought at $870K with the same size.

So she ask, can you buy below market price property? There are plenty around if you are willing to look for it.

Recently she sold her own Putra Marine Duplex Penthouse at 17 floor with 3600 sqft.
She bought $326/sqft, it translate to about $1.2m 3 years ago.
Guess what price she sold? She just test the market with $2.2m, and get the booking in 3 days.


She wanted to buy land in Balik Pulau, that time, she viewed 30 over piece of land. The last piece of land which is 12 acres and the price is $3.20/sqft. 1 acre is $150K. She book it with 12 acres with $20K on the next day. It is joint venture deal with other 2 friends. On the pre signing S&P, there is offer to her to let go the land and the new buyer willing to pay $200K. She rejected the offer and get scolded from the other 2 partners.

She planned to sell 1 acre each to other interested party for $300K per acre. She managed to sell 5 acres. However, during the drawing of the land and partition process, it took up 1 year. The land price has shoot up and decide not to sell the rest already. After 4 years, the land price increased to $12/sqft currently due to she turn it to a tourist spot. The land surrounding also appreciated accordingly.

One important advice from her is to focus on the area and become the expert of the area.

Others some soft skill did not able to describe in details here as not able to capture all.

[转帖] 面临着通货膨胀侵蚀的都市打工一族




如果同样的《通货膨胀》也发生在我的EPF账户那。。当我到来可以领取的年龄,EPF户口里的钱,还剩下多少价值? 还可以让我维持生活多少年? 




我在上班时用时间与精力(青春)换取的货币,缩水了 ! ! !

Author:Ken Teo

Monday, 29 September 2014

Batu Kawan Shoplot - Vortex by Innoceria Sdn Bhd

Innoceria sdn bud just take part of the commercial project n up to date only 1 project name Vortex

Business Park
4 storey semi D
Corporate Office Type A
Built up : Appx 6558 sq.ft.
With Lift, free hold

Std unit sale RM1.9m, discount 100k, free S&P
After discount RM276 per sqf
Type B built up 8960 sqft
Type B is small insdutry
First launched last year abt 1.6~1.7m,
Not sure is it similar as Jeffrey mentioned on the 58units, this Vortex total 112units.

[转帖] 印花税如何节省?

根据大马的Stamp Act 1949,第80项条例Section 80, Stamp Act 1949
财政部拥有豁免,减低和修改印花税的权力。 大马政府为了协作大马公民持有自居的房子,通过了以下的优惠:
1) 第一次购买产业的大马公民,只要您是在2013年1月1日开始至到31日12月2014年 期间完成买卖,而购买的产业项目价格不超过RM 400 千,您可以向税收局申请豁免50 % 的印花税 ( Memorandum of Transfer )
2) 从1日7月2002年起,如果您购买的是廉价屋,所以在购买过程所附生的印花税一律豁免。
3) 如果产业是在夫妻之间转名,印花税 ( Memorandum of Transfer ) 一律豁免。
4) 将名下产业(个人或公司)转入为REIT持有也是一律豁免。
5)由父母亲将产业转让给以孩子们, 您可以向税收局申请豁免 50 %的印花税 ( Memorandum of Transfer ),这个优惠不包括女婿和媳妇。 所以把产业转让给以女婿或媳妇必须支付100 % 的印花税 ( Memorandum of Transfer ),
但是先把产业转让给以孩子,(第五项豁免)可节省50%的印花税 ( Memorandum of Transfer ),过后再各别加入太太或丈夫的名(第三项豁免)将可以节省大笔的印花税。
由于这个课题是“印花税如何节省?” 所以我并没有说明计算购买产业需要支付的律师费,律师费的计算将会在未来的发表里指导。

Author:Ken Teo

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Viewing of Park View Tower 12-01

Since I arrived earlier to the Park View. I done a quick survey on the surrounding again and visit to the PJD Office.
 Entrance to the Park View and PJD office.

4 storey Shop lots in front of the entrance

 Future mix development on the empty land in front of the Park View.
 Current under construction of Woodsbury, 500m away from Park View
 Model of the Park View surrounded by Future Shopping mall with residencetial.

 Model of the Wellesley and Sea View

Poster of the Park View, Ocean View, Sea View, Wellesley taken from the PJD Office.
 View of the empty land from the PJD office. Straight in front is the Park View.
 A small garden in front of the lobby
Entrance Lobby of Park View
View of Guard house.

Viewing picture of the Unit 12-01:
 Good things about this unit 1 is in front there is a huge open area.
 Common bathroom installed with Water heater. Water heater will be taken away by tenant.

 Kitchen with build in cabinet and hood will be remain.
 Dry yard installed with Grilled.

 Master room
Master bathroom installed with Water heater. Water heater will be taken away by tenant. The folding door is broken

 View taken from master bedroom, can see the Ocean View on the Left and Sea View on the Right.
Towards the Left most will have empty land with squatters and a cementery.

Aircond in the living room will be taken away by tenant as well.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Factors that influence on MRTA premium

MRTA premium can be quite different from one company to another from the previous post.
But when the difference is too obvious, we may need want to find out the coverage differences.
As can be observed that all conditions same,age,years of coverage and sum if insured all are same,only premieum come out different.

My friend who work with Insurance company explained that, the basic mrta covers only death. But the most common ones cover 2D - death n disability.
The luxurious type covers 3D - death, disability and diseases
Even the same sum assured and same coverage, premium may be different as some may promise higher surrender values when the policy is terminated early.
Some companies don't really want to explore into this field. So basically, their portfolio is much smaller. When this happens, they charge a higher premium.
That is why Allianz is the chepeast since it is their core business, make sense?

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Applying MRTA and comparison

I am apply loan for my recent purchased, at the same time, I am also want to get the coverage for my mortgage as well.

I am comparing each of the coverage options in order to help me to make some wise decision.
For the previous debate on MRTA and MLTA which is better, can refer to below post: "MRTA,MRTA or which is better "

Below is the 5 financial institutions that had contacted and reply.
It can bee seen that for the same conditions, the Premium has big differences.

Monday, 8 September 2014

MLTA or MRTA, or something better?‏

When come to protecting your mortgage loan, there are normally 2 types of insurance,namely MLTA & MRTA.

MRTA = Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance (MRTA) 
1. MLTA is almost similiar to a life policy. But at the end of the cover period, I think some policies don't return anything unlike a life insurance. You will have to do your homework and check with the agent.
MLTA =  Mortgage Level Term Assurance (MLTA)
2. Choosing between MRTA or MLTA depends on your investment strategy and keeping your options open. Some banks enforce a compulsory insurance policy, so you have to get a MRTA or MLTA.

In cases where you suddenly decide to sell the property a few years later down the line, the MRTA returns very little back to you. With the MLTA, I think you can re-assign the cover to your next property investment. And the insured amount is still the same.

3. Also please note, as you get older your MRTA gets more expensive. Just a rough estimate, MRTA for coverage of $100K for a borrower aged 25 would be around $2-3K, for a borrower of age 40+ it would be in the region of $10-12K.

So if you're you're it would be cheaper to go for MRTA.

Some other consideration factors:
  • if your investment is a 'game', you may want to take more risk, especially if you're young and nothing much to lose.
  • if is to leave a legacy for family members - good for you take a snapshot of your networth now.
  • what happens if - you're not able to earn an income, or you passed on (touch wood!)
  • what would happen to said properties? who will pay for installment?
  • how is tenancy rate like? 80%? 90%? 20% (you chose a wrong property). Unknown? (because you bought developer unit).
  • can your family member manage the tenancy? property maintenance issue?

If is high tenancy rate, and your family member can manage the property - no need buy too high insurance/required.

There is no right/wrong answer. View all your property investments as a BIGGER picture portfolio. Overview all the risk factors. And based on the risk factors, you can quantify and decide how to shift this burden of risk to insurance - which offers best rate, flexible enough to increase/reduce in future (as your tenants help you pay off and increase your equity through the years).

With some banks (e.g. Public Bank sometimes) - they force you to take MRTA. If no other loan options, you just have to agree and take it up.
My takes:
I tell you all what I choose for all my investment properties.
1) Buy MRTA
2) Buy 50% of the bank value for 5 years or 10 years
     - Reason is after 5 years, the rental should be positive and properties value is appreciating. At least the equity is 50% of my purchased price

So we need to decide on this and put this to the loan together.
So there will be no cash outlay required.

Is there something better out there?

Have found some comparison info at the link below

but which actually gives the BEST dollars and cents 


Wednesday, 3 September 2014

How do Penang MPSP calculate "Cukai Pintu"

How do Penang MPSP calculate "Cukai Pintu"

The calculation is based on the 70% of the monthly rental.
It is reviewed every 10 years.

Monday, 1 September 2014

CEO viewing adventure report

After a few SMS and call to the agent, managed to arrange viewing THE CEO this afternoon.

View from the small road, in front there are 2 rows of shop lots, on the left is Bukit Jambul Condo and on the right is Vistana Hotel.
 This shoplot is direct facing to The CEO.
 This is the main road access to The CEO
 This is taken in front of the access road.
 Beside is the VISTANA Hotel
 Front View of the CEO
 Another row of shop lot in front of The CEO
 Another view
 There is a a huge car park in front of The CEO. Car park in The CEO is charge RM5 per day. If rent by month will be RM150.But outside is FREE. So the car park is not an issue
 Front shop
More front shop

First check on the occupancy rate:
Average occupancy rate is 60%,seeing few more units are under renovation and expected to be rise over time.

Detail floor plan, the unit number also label into it accordingly.
So that later we talked about which unit and have the feel where should it be.
Unit 1 till 16 is facing North, the rest will be facing South

Photo for unit 8-19:

Photo for unit 7-19:

Photo for unit 13-18:
View from the window can see the Bukit Jambul Condo,this is facing South.

Photo for unit 8-3:

 Viewing from the window,facing North

Photo for unit 12-30:

 So what is the deal?