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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Permas City Vs Permas Centro Shop Lot

There are two choices available for comparison in Permas Jaya.
Very appreciate my JB friend went to both site to do a quick survey on below 2 projects.

(1) Permas Centro

Based on the packages, Front row facing the Renaissance Hotel is better. Facing the residential is quite bad. The unit 96 which facing the main road, corner lot is RM1.8 mil (After discount will be Rm1.6 mil). Unit 72 is corner which is RM4.0 mil.

(2) Permas City
 Picture source from

* 5 mins drive from Permas town, ideal it is near. But it is HUGE distinctive different between 2 places.
* Surrounded by Old residences and Old shop houses
* Only has 1 road access to the place either from Plentong or Permas Town
* EconSave will be open in next month
* Developer mentioned will build a hotel and a condominium in future
* The unit available after rebate/discount is around RM1.6 mil.  This unit is in front of the carpark.

My view on Permas City:
It is another secluded place, out of Permas town. Even with EconSave supermarket, it only cater for economy range of consumers.
MRT will not be passing this area. Strongly believe it will stop at the Permas Town since it is well established area. It has all the banking facilities, shopping mall etc.
So how would the crowd to move to this area? I cannot think of any pulling factors.
With current surrounding, it going to take at least 5 years to develop into a mature town.

Based on the above location comparison, Permas Centro is better compare to the Permas City.
Both unit available also worth around RM1.6 mil. Will keep monitor for now.

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