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Friday, 24 October 2014

Property Fair at Queensbay mall 2014

Since today is my holiday, I visited to Queensbay mall in the afternoon to check out the property.
This weekend is full of property fair. Very rare that there are 3 property fair at 3 different locations namely, Sunway, Gurney adn Queensbay.

Below are few booth I stop and ask around at Queensbay.

Nusmetro - Arte S

This is one of the unit we bought in Sept.
So I drop in and check some details after 2 months.

Current promotion is only given 5% discount.
Below are some of the units and details before discount.
Reference price is our entry price.

Bionic Land - Prominence
In year 2013, I recommended few friends to buy into this project with entry price is at $260/sqft.
2 months ago, JV another unit with entry price at $330/sqft.
More about this project, refer to here.

PJD - Woodsbury

I drop by this booth to check out the latest pricing. There are 3 sales personnel in this booth. I spend about 2 mins in the booth but no one come forward to talk to me. All of them are just sitting down there. Seem like they are not interested to sell or they are there to make up the numbers?

 Below is the Woodsbury model.

Asia Green - Quay West Residence

This is first time I heard about this project. But the Block A already sold out. Now left with Block B which is bigger size. The selling price is about $750/sqft.
I like this location which is beside Putra Place. It is beside the Tropicana project.

Tropicana - 218 Macalister

Tower T is residential title. Selling price is at $950/sqft.
Rebate 12% currently.

Tower M is Commercial title. It is studio unit selling at $1100/sqft.
Below will be Marriot Hotel. Selling price is at $950/sqft.
Rebate 10% currently.

Lion Group - Promenade
I think this is one of the hottest selling cake in the Bayan Baru.
I was surprised that this is not developed by Ideal as surrounding are its project.
Below is the price list available:
Cuurent Promotion:
1) Discount 10%
2) Booking fees $10K
3) For 1651 sqft, free additional car park, Total will have 3 carpark
4) For 1525, additional Rebate $23K.
5) For both unit type, it is no money down deal with 90% loan.

Out of so many booth, this is the BEST deal. Location wise, it is hot place.

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