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Sunday, 5 October 2014

The CEO loan status

I am schedule to sign The CEO Sales and Purchase agreement on 7 Oct 2014.
I made the booking on 7 Sept and the straight contacted 6 different bankers.

Why do I need to contact 6 bankers?
I do understand my loanability currently with strict measured. I do not have much confidence that I am qualified for loan due to over gearing on my loan. As such, I have to apply to as many bank as possible.

I prepared all my documents and send to all of 6 on the next day.
Until today, I only have received 1 letter offer only which is from CIMB. CIMB only takes 7 days to approved my loan. CIMB did not ask much questions and ask for more justification documents too.

The rest of the bank feedback will be summarize below, some are still no result as of today.

If I have to follow the 14 days rule strict to sign Sales and Purchase agreement, these bank will failed me already. Hopefully this post will help anyone of you to understand how important to apply as many banks as possible for your property loan.

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